Our Services

We are a small company based in Dublin with a wealth of experience in the construction industry.


Project Supervision Construction Stage

We have been appointed P.S.C.S on a number of projects working in hand with the appointed PSDS. Defence Force Engineers, Clifton Scannel Emmerson Architects, GWCE Consultants. We have recently finished resurfacing part of the road structure in Citywest Business Campus. This was quite tricky for:

  1. Traffic management to ensure traffic was kept flowing. 
  2. Asphalt resurfacing of roundabouts x3 while dealing with live traffic. 
  3. Taking levels to ensure against ponding, which included installing a few extra gullies. 

We were appointed PSCS for the Defence Forces in Cathal Brugha. We turned a dump site into a car park, demolished buildings and foundations and introduced new drainage systems. Rejuvenated commemorative headstones of the 1916 rising and its surroundings as seen (no. 11) of the history tour of Cathal Brugha Barracks. 

We were appointed PSCS for Green (Reit) on two different projects. The first, installing c700m of E.S.B duct which involved laying of 6 ducts up a roadway and reinstating. We had to go over a bridge on the M50. The bridge entailed removing paths and resealing the bridge deck before laying the ducts and reinstating the concrete paths.

The second, Central Park, Sandford ; resurfacing, drainage works and sealing of expansion joints to an underground car park. 



We are lucky to have great staff who are very skilled in all aspects of construction. Whether it be laying water mains, ducting, kerbing, drainage, concrete works laying sets or laying of tarmacadam and asphalt. 

Having the know how and the right attitude to getting a job done, makes Roadstar Paving Limited. a very versatile company. Our versatility makes it easier on the prospective client as we are effectively a ‘one stop shop’, capable of taking a green field and turning it into the desired result, which negates having to look for any other companies, which can be a logistical nightmare! As you can see from our portfolio, the diversity of work, but ultimately the high standard of workmanship achieved.


Domestic Services

With the skill set that we posses, driveways are our speciality, from laying sets, kerbing, ducting, drainage and the ultimate finish wearing coarse macadam or asphalt. We have a wealth of experience and as such will advise the client as to the best materials suited to their needs.

With all the different types of asphalt and macadam it can become very daunting for the prospective client. We always try to make the process as easy as possible to all concerned. Check out our photos on Facebook for different options i.e, concrete v granite kerbs – marshall asphalt v stone mastic asphalt v macadam. 


Pavement Management Services

At Roadstar we have a wealth of experience in laying of macadam or asphalt and as such we keep up to date with constantly changing mixes. We have a long and very good relationship with both SIAC and Roadstone, so we are able to rely on them for any back up i.e, MSDS and data sheets for any mixes required. 

We strive to be the best at what we do, which means having the capability to operate the proper machinery needed for any job. We have laid numerous sports grounds for P.S.T Sports where precision is required. i.e ± 3mm in 3 metres. This is only attainable by way of laser systems, a skillful workforce and well maintained machinery, for all aspects of any job , be it a sports ground, commercial yard or a domestic driveway.


Drainage Management

We at Roadstar pride ourselves in leaving a job done right. A driveway that is thought through before asphalt or tarmacadam is layed will always work out properly. Drainage is an integral part of our work, leaving an unsightly pond of water on any job is a job gone wrong. Which would have a huge impact on our business, we aim to always have a satisfied customer, after all, as we say "you are only as good as your last job." before laying of any material clients will have a one to one to discuss gradients and possible problem areas, which will be properly assesed with solutions given.

We at Roadstar depend on "word of mouth" to survive and as such we strive to be the best at what we do.